We do LEGO WeDo!

We’ve had such a fun afternoon! Becky from JTRS came to show us how to use LEGO WeDo! We worked really well in pairs to build a fairground swing and used the WeDo app on the iPads to write code to make our rides move. We even added coloured lights and sounds! We can’t wait to use the WeDo sets again!

Anti-Bullying Week

This week we have been discussing bullying and what to do if we think we are being bullied. We received messages from Cinderella and her ugly sisters and wrote about how the sisters and the wicked stepmother bully Cinderella.


We read ‘Willy The Wimp’ by Anthony Browne and wrote some tips to help poor Willy defeat the suburban gorilla gang!

Click here  to listen to Miss Kingsley read ‘Willy The Wimp’ for this week’s Bedtime Story.

Bonfire Art

Last week we learnt about the Gunpowder Plot. We used the iMovie app for the first time to sequence and read the story:

We also created these amazing bonfire collages:

Remembrance Day

We’ve been learning about why we wear poppies on 11th November. We wrote some amazing acrostic poems and created lovely poppy collages:

Superworm Craft

We have worked really hard on our Superworm writing. As a reward for our hard work, we got to make our own Superworms! Take a look!

Reading Morning Posters

Thank you for attending our weekly reading mornings this half term. We are looking forward to seeing you again on Wednesday 8th November. 2K enjoyed making these reading morning invitations using Book Creator app this week:

Magic Day!

We looked amazing as little witches and wizards for our Magic Day!

We received a message from Winnie the Witch, challenging us to make a magic potion…


We learnt a dance to ‘Ding Dong The Witch is Dead’ from The Wizard of Oz…

We had a fantastic time playing witch games! Playing a version of Winnie Winnie Wilbur (Duck Duck Goose) and crossing into the witches house with different rules game! We even tried our best witch cackles!

Finally, we decorated spooky biscuits!

What a magical day!


European Languages Week

We had a fantastic start to Languages week today. We all looked fantastic in our Spanish flag colours! Today we enjoyed tasting some fruity sangria and some croissants for breakfast! Then we had a practise at some flamenco dancing before we finished the day with some art based on the Spanish flag! We have learnt some European greetings and learnt about the Spanish culture. Keep checking this page to see what we get up to! Some of us practised Spanish clapping songs in he playground!